3D Printing Form

3D printing job request
  • Eg cell phone cover, or, a box for electric gadget.
  • E.g., it is a cover of a circuit-board that I designed, or a doll I modeled with 30 articulated parts. Don't need too much details, just whatever that will be important to allow us to understand the complexity of the design.
    eg you may have an STL or an OBJ file, or maybe you have a CAD model file from AutoCAD or Solidworks. When uploading STL or OBJ, please let us know the units the files were exported in as those formats are unitless.
  • for example, 5" * 3" * 2"
  • eg, need it tomorrow or in two weeks, or by this Friday
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, stl, obj.
    If you have any images you can upload that will let us see the part, or if you already have a 3D model created, you can upload the STL or OBJ file. If the file is too large to be uploaded, put it in dropbox or google docs and send us a link to it.
    You agree that you either have or will obtain the rights to the 3D printing of the product. Moolean Inc provides 3D printing as a service and is not responsible for ensuring that no intellectual property rights violation will occur due to printing.
  • Our standard rates for 3D printing are $19/Hour of printing for most plastics. There is a $9.50 per print setup. For larger volume, we offer aggressive discounts. Ask for our discount offers.