Got an Idea that you would like to take to market? Or what about just wanting to patent it? Or it is something you yourselves can see using for your own efficiency? We can help you get your idea into a tangible form with 3D printing. It can be as simple as a new board game that you want some cool pieces, or maybe a new cartoon character, or a tool for automobiles, or a nifty wine bottle opener. Now you can buy  design time in a pack of 10 hours of design with two 3D printed prototypes of up to 4 hours of print time each. This amount of time is good for designing a small gadget with 3 to 4 important features. Extra hours can be purchased in blocks of 10, but most simple designs usually can be finished in one block.





From an idea on the back of an envelope to something you can hold in your hand and operate. Rapid Prototyping is the way to go. A functional 3d printed prototype is worth a thousand words and maybe more. Call us today or email us at info@moolean.com and let us give you a free consult before you purchase this package.

The prototypes are printed with bio-degradable PLA. Various choices exist for color. The size of prototype will be restricted by the time of up to eight hours of combined printing time. We will sign non-disclosure agreements. For materials other than plastic we can either help you find the printing shops, or act as a intermediary and facilitate the delivery of final product. Our experience in printing hundred of 3D prints allows us to reduce your costs.

In addition to the functional prototypes you also get CAD files of your design. These are done in industry standard package like Solidworks. If you prefer the CAD files could also be exported to the format of your choice such as DWG, SAT.  We will show you the functional prototype in action as a simple animation before taking it to print. The delivery of CAD files will  be done electronically or for an extra $15  we can burn these on a DVD.