Lasting Memories Printed in 3D

At Moolean we preserve moments in time as highly detailed 3D sculptures. Our products make wonderful and unique gifts and keepsakes. Don’t just email Grandma and Grandpa pictures of the children when they could have 3D sculptures of the kids on the mantle. Why settle for pictures of your wedding when you could have a 3D sculpture of you and your loved one exchanging rings.

3D Light Photo

Turn your standard 2D images into 3D images that transform and come to life in the light. Having your pictures made into 3D Light Photos is a great way to transform them into something awesome and unique. Check out the second video here to see how a 3D Light Photo works works.

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3D Light Photo Cube

A completely customize-able and novel way to display your interchangeable 3D light photo panels. These cubes can hold up to four of these and each panel comes to life in the light. Display your images elegantly, in a way that’s quite a bit more tangible than a standard picture. Comes in two sizes, a 3.5 inch and approx. 4 inch side. Works well as a night light as well.

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Upgrade your family photos with 3D printed portraits of your loved one’s faces. Ideal for mounting or framing, they look great as wall art. Capture the faces of your family and friends in stunning 3D detail.


3d printed head


Design unique keepsakes with a 3D printing of the entire head. Create a key-chain featuring all of your children. Give a necklace as a romantic gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can carry the face of your loved ones wherever you go.



Incorporating the head, shoulders, and chest; a 3D printed bust is perfect for larger sculptures. Busts are great for display on your desk at work or on the the self at home. They also make a unique gift for coworkers to commemorate the completion of special projects or celebrate promotions.


3d printed baby bump

Baby Bump

Memorialize the wonder of pregnancy with this unique keepsake. So much more elegant and less messier than a “cast”, the 3D-printed baby bump sculpture captures the mother’s form while she is expecting. The details in the digital scan are astonishing. A perfect baby shower gift as well as a treasured memento. Have one made for each of your on-the-way children!  The digital scan can be printed into many different colors and sizes. 

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3d printed baby


Babies change so quickly. Everyday is a new experience as your infant grows into a toddler. Record a moment in time from your child’s infancy with a 3D printed sculpture of your baby. Capture that tiny face and those little fingers as a precious keepsake.


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Custom Cake Toppers

Get a 3D scan and 3D print of you and your would-be spouse as a cake topper. 3D printed in sandstone in full color, these cake toppers will be keepsakes as well besides adorning the wedding cake.


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